Thank you for visiting my website.

My URL has my complete name so I will not repeat myself. But just to give a brief, I am a thoroughbred Gujarati, having been born and brought up in Ahmedabad, on the west coast of India. A passionate Ruby on Rails (RoR) developer, so it is fine if you call me a nerd for RoR. I have completed Masters in Computer Science and Information Technology from K S School of Business Management, again in Ahmedabad.

I have worked on Drupal and others content management systems like Joomla and OsCommerce for website development. Infact, the website you are looking at is made using Drupal.

Open Source and Web 2.0 are a few things I strongly believe in. I have done my bit in spreading the benefits of these by presenting to college students. I definitely am not a teacher or an expert or such but just an advocate of these technologies.

My passions include learning new technologies, electronic gadgets and like any other Gujarati, the Stock Market. I am a sports buff with a special interest in Cricket, carrom and table tennis. My other passions also include wildlife photography and birding. Trekking complements these passions and hence that too is now a hobby.

My philosophy is to enjoy the journey called life. No one is ever limited to a single thing. We all are born with a multitude of interests and skills and as we grow, we develop newer interests and hone our skills. I am no different. After all, I too am a lesser mortal like all others. I strive to learn new things whether it is technology or not. I am always eager to widen my horizons of knowledge and I like to share what I have learnt with the people who matter. Stay focused on what I am doing and I will head in the direction of achieving the end result. If I know what I am doing is not wrong, I will never refrain from pushing myself to the hilt to achieve this. I believe in holding on to my beliefs, and being truthful to the people who have come into my life. And it goes without saying that I value my family and friends.

I can be reached on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook .

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