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Dhaval Parikh

Hi Dhaval, Very nice website

Hi Dhaval, Very nice website and well organised. Your efforts are seen in this. You got good talent. Blogs and websites are the best platform to expose yourself. Really wonderful. Appreciable one. Cheers for your work ...!!!!

Hi Dhaval, Really nice

Hi Dhaval,

Really nice site.
You have got lot of potential, believe me!
Keep on such good work.


thankyou satish bhai for your comments. Just saw ur comment today. Thanks a lot

Nice Site

Hey Dhaval !

Nice site !!

Kepp It up Dear !!!!!

Thanks niraj

Hi niraj

thanks for the comments.

Very Helpful Person

Hey Dhaval,
I really like your work. You are really helpful man for each RoR developer.

thanks for writing

Hi nimesh

thanks for writing a tesi for me but actually speaking do we really know eachother? can u tell me who are you and in what way I have helped you?


Hey nice site man :)

Hey nice site man :)

Very nice

Hi Dhaval
u have developed very nice website...

u have implemented almost all the functionality gadgets...

and best javascript..

very nice....


thanks sandeep for posting a testimonial ..thanks a lot