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Dhaval Parikh


It is a great website by watermelon (Its hard (khadush) from outside n sweet from inside).
Just like Dhaval this site is also helpful, simple and technologically advance.
Thank you for helping me with everything that u has. Best of luck to u for the future. And I wish u take yr skills to the level that no one has ever reached...

thanks a lot

thanks a lot for writing ......


Hey Dhaval,

We met as a Stranger and today we become more stranger......just kidding
we become a good friends in few days
He is a fabulous human being and "GURU" in Ruby on Rails
One thing I wanna tell you Dhaval, plz never "Poingggg" to me or my 'Boss'....

GOD Bless you


haha i knew u were going to talk abt "POinggg".. well its my right to poing u..being ur and ur boss's boss..So i will surely poing u..beware .. :)

about dhaval

what i say about dhaval...
we met each other like a stranger and today we are very good friensss..(its a journey of our friendship)
our thoughts are to much similar...
he is very good person...
dhaval always help me out....
hu kai tane thanks nai kau bcs v r friends right dear...
be happy... god bless you... tk crs


:) Thats it nothing else to say

No Words to Say About You

DP your sites looks Good

thanks a lot

thanks a lot bapu for posting comment

About This Person

What can I say about this person...
I have seen the site and its very simple and fine as per my opinion.
but I want say about the guy Dhaval.
Till whatever time I want to ask for solution before that he is telling that have you heard about this? and then I reply that this thing i wanted to ask you. and I get solution from him before i ask the question.

Very Fine. Very few guys we can find around us like this.

thanks a lot for posting the comment

hi harshal

thanks a lot for posting the comment. I m always there to help u.