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Dhaval Parikh

Regarding hosting info you required on orkut community

Hi Dhaval,

Site look good, I suggest you to change font and size to get focus what you written.

I suggest you to take account on "slicehost" - www.slicehost.com.
If you are preety comfortable with configuring from scratch.
You have root access you can install and do anything.

Otherwise use "textdrive" - www.textdrive.com
This comes with preconfigured but you wont have root access.
You need to create tickets all the times to install anything.

I have an experiance for configuring servers, and I suggest you go either of above mentioned.

I am not suggest you to go with railsplayground - because it has always domain name problems.

Ignore if you already taken.
Bhushan Ahire

thanks a lot

Hi bhushan i m really thankful to you..for giving suggestion for my site and even for RoR hosting..I would surely look @ the plans offered by these companies..

thanks a lot